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Hagbourne Village Hall

Village Hall Expansion

See extension and refurbishment progress photographs here.

Good News and A Plea

Over one year ago, many of us saw the need for the expansion and refurbishment of certain parts of the Hagbourne Village Hall. We hoped to:
- Expand the lobby
- Refurbish the women's toilets
- Add a meeting room
- Increase the available storage
- Improve access for all
The estimated cost of these improvements is 106,000.

One year later, we are very close to being able to start work during the July and August summer break. Thanks to grants from Oxfordshire County Council, WREN, East and West Hagbourne Parish Councils and our own reserves we can count on 85,000. We are almost there.

During the past year some of you have made offers of financial assistance. If you are still willing and able, we need to hear from you now. We can consider gifts or a loan either as a lump sum or by covenant, to help us close the gap. If you'd like to participate please call either our Chairman, Craig Barfoot (818968), or our Treasurer, John Jones(813326) for an absolutely CONFIDENTIAL chat. We need to tie this up by 1 June. Call soon!

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Newsletter November 2009
The Committee has decided to publish a Newsletter to apprise the Hall's users, the two villages' Parish Councils, and the villages' communities of the major work planned at the Hall.

For some time we have been aware that the size of the Hall is inadequate when the Preschool organisation is in session and other features of the Hall, namely the entrance lobby and lavatories, are less than salubrious. Further, the current layout which incorporates the disabled persons' lavatory within the Ladies' lavatories is entirely unsatisfactory, and we are always short of storage space. Users have been polled to find out their preferences for improvement and after a considerable while we have settled on the design for an extension which addresses these concerns.

One of our major problems is the severe lack of space available to us on which we might build. The original Hall had a very small "footprint" which was increased circa 1952 by the purchase of an extra piece of land which became the Hall's car park and is now the courtyard within the wooden fence. Part of that land was built on in 1988 to create what is now known as the Small Hall. The Hall owns a strip of land on its east side bordering the ex-council houses, but the maximum width of this is only 2.5 metres or so. Also the Hall owns a narrow piece of land which abuts the footpath leading from Harwood Road to the new pedestrian crossing, but neither of these pieces of land is suitable for the size of extension we need.

We considered the two remaining options, namely to extend westwards or northwards, and have settled on the latter for the following reasons:
- any northward extension is more compact than an eastward one,
- it fills in the area between the current Ladies' lavatories and the current NW corner of the building,
- it creates the larger lobby we need,
- an eastward extension would effectively cut off the portion of the courtyard nearest the road and render it difficult to access and therefore diminish its usefulness severely.

Having thought about our needs for some considerable time we have decided to create a larger lobby which will enable pre-school's parents to wait for their children in greater comfort, move the disabled persons' lavatory out of the Ladies' room, create a small meeting room and two storage rooms. The meeting room should be more convenient for Parish Council use than the current arrangements and we hope to attract other similar activities; maybe someone will start a bridge club? Cost has naturally been a consideration and, whilst the Hall has been prudently saving money for some years towards this project, we shall be applying to various grant-awarding authorities for additional finance. Both Parish Councils have kindly considered our situation and with all these sources of funds we fully expect the whole project to be within our financial means. To ensure we obtain value for money we are inviting competitive tenders for the work and will take up references so that we may be as certain as possible that contractors will deliver the goods reliably and on time.

Click here to see the proposed new floor-plan.

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Contact details:
Chairman Craig Barfoot 818968
Booking Sec. Allison Huckle BookingVH@easthagbourne.net 07975 683677
Treasurer John Jones 813326
Secretary Yen Rickeard 813373
Caretaker AJ Cox Services 818419
Address: Village Hall, Main Road, East Hagbourne, DIDCOT, OX11 9LR