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Village Shop Opening Times.

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Our Village Shop Criteria
"To maintain a small informal well stocked village shop, both as a source of supply and a social focal point. Complementary to this prime objective is the determination to keep open the Post Office".

The East Hagbourne Community Shop was formed in 2001 to help protect our local post office and to provide an additional village amenity. The shop and the post office are located in the front part of Passey’s Garage on New Road where there is adequate parking for cars and bicycles. The hours are as follows:

DayShopPost Office
Monday9am - 1pm2 - 5:30pm9am - 12:30pm2 - 5.30pm
Tuesday9am - 1pm2 - 5:30pm9am - 12:30pmClosed
Wednesday9am - 1pm2 - 5:30pm9am - 12:30pmClosed
Thursday9am - 1pm2 - 5:30pm9am - 12:30pm2 - 5.30pm
Friday9am - 1pm2 - 5:30pm9am - 12:30pmClosed
Saturday9am - 12:30pmClosed9am - 12:30pmClosed

The establishment and manning of the shop has been an entirely volunteer effort with many village people contributing their time, energy and experience to making this venture a success. It is successful with strong sales growth achieved every year. New volunteers are always welcome.

The East Hagbourne Community Shop is a convenience store selling milk, ice cream, soft drinks, canned goods, frozen and chiller items and many staple foods such as free-range eggs freshly-frozen fish, and local honey. It also provides a broad range of household and stationery products, including greeting cards, and many items for home health care. Our dry cleaning service is both quick and economical. Our goal: Convenience; Value and Quality for our customers.

The shop is part of the glue that makes our village the pleasant place that it is. Are you a customer? If not, come in and be pleasantly surprised!

Contact the East Hagbourne Community Shop on 01235 811815 or villageshop@easthagbourne.net