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East Hagbourne Parish Plan - December 2010

During 2010 we have been developing a 'Parish Plan' covering the civil parish of East Hagbourne. The Parish of East Hagbourne contains around 850 households and 1850 inhabitants, spread between Millbrook at the edge of Didcot, via New Road and its surroundings, to the main village itself, and on to Coscote and Hagbourne Mill.

The purpose of a Parish Plan is to set out a vision of what is important to our community, and a strategy for preserving valued community features while strengthening them in the future. The value of a Parish Plan to East Hagbourne is to provide a framework within which initiatives to improve facilities and activities within the Parish can be prioritized and progressed. Furthermore, such a structured approach is more and more expected when we approach outside funding bodies to support our projects.

Discussion on the Parish Plan started in 2003, culminating in 2007 in the formation of a committee and a public meeting to review and publicise activities currently available in the Parish. The Committee then developed a list of topics and concerns expressed by residents and organised these into a questionnaire to solicit more formal input. We thank all those who returned their completed questionnaires - the collated and analysed responses have been summarized in a report which you can download here.

The Parish Council is shaping this feedback, together with any other important topics that may not have been formally included in the questionnaire, into a draft plan. While the Parish Council is leading and facilitating the process, it is important that the final product should reflect all aspects of our community. So, we urge you to read the report and to us send your comments, particularly on any topics which do not seem to be appropriately included. Once the plan is drafted, it will be posted on the web site for further comment, and will be reviewed at our Annual Parish Meeting on 22nd April, to which all residents of the Parish are invited and entitled to speak.

A copy of the Parish Survey report can be downloaded from here.
These are large documents (PDF files) and might take a number of minutes to download via a slow Internet link.

Based on the questionnaire results, a plan (April 2011) has been developed which is now available for download here. (Note: 2.7MB file - may take some time to download). We welcome your ideas, suggestions and assistance with implementing this plan.
You can send comments in writing to the Parish Clerk, 30 Blewbury Road, East Hagbourne, DIDCOT, OX11 9LF or by email to parishplan@easthagbourne.net