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NEWSLETTER NO. 81 - October 2010

Current Planning Applications

1. Wilcher Close, East Hagbourne - P10/W1242. Removal of existing garages and construction of 5 houses on two storeys including 8 parking bays.
2. Yew Tree Cottage, 6 Fieldside, East Hagbourne - P10/W1291/RET (Retrospective). Retrospective application for planning permission for change of use from part-paddock to residential.
3. 98, New Road, East Hagbourne - P10/W1347. Porch to front aspect.
4. Land at Didcot Road, Didcot - P10/W1328/RM (Reserved Matters). Phase 1b (ii) of the Great Western Park Development consisting of the erection of 97 residential dwellings, associated infrastructure, a section of the development spine road, temporary bus turning area, temporary pumping station, surface areas of landscaping.

You can view the applications online by going to www.southoxon.gov.uk and keying in the reference number in the “search” option at the top right hand side of the page.


The Parish Council has agreed to pursue an alternative Website Management solution and so the Website Team are looking forward to making the site more user & reader friendly. In the meantime please keep sending in your contributions - see the Produce Show pictures and results now. Contact the team with any news, contributions, ideas and updates at info@easthagbourne.net. Remember the website address www.easthagbourne.net.

Parish Council Meetings in 2010

Please put these dates in your diary/organiser:- Next meeting: 11th October 2010 -8.00pm
Next meeting - 11th October 2010 -8.00pm

All Parish Council meetings will commence at 7.30 pm on Thursdays in the Village Hall.

You are all always welcome! Your views are important to us.

CONTACT DETAILS: Parish Clerk, Mr Robin Parsley. Telephone: 814687. ParishClerk@easthagbourne.net


1. Plant a double hedge on the west side from the path through the wild area to the top corner and along the cycleway for about 40 yards, using fruiting species such as hawthorn, elder,native plum, blackthorn, hazel and dog rose. This has been suggested by the Trustees of the Parish Charity. Safety would also be inproved by these actions in this corner.
2. Inside the hedge plant ash, hazel, rowan, sycamore, maple etc. at 6ft spacing to create a wood fuel coppice that will also be brilliant for wildlife. Currently the area is mainly dying native plum and blackthorn with little herb layer. Tree guards will be required to stop predation by the local muntjac population.
3. Keep the pathway through the wild area clear by cutting back the brambles and blackthorn hard in the winter with a tidy up in July.
4. Cut down the largest hawthorn tree in the scrubby area to the east once every year or two and control the brambles. This small area is particularly good for Warblers and needs to be kept scrubby and wild.
5. Clear some brambles and put in fruit trees - Cox's OrangePippin. Victoria Plum, Conference Pear etc.
6. Clear a small area at the top of the steps by the stream and grass it down. Plant a Willow and install a bench.
7. Clear two of the small hawthorn trees by the "campsite" to make the area more open and so less likely to be used again!
8. Erect notices at both ends of the path through the wild area explaining what is being planned and giving a contact number for interested parties to volunteer their services.
9. Keep the through path to the east of the wild area free of brambles with a couple of tidy-ups per year.
10. Possible make and place solitary bee boxes in the allotment area.

To achieve this Working Parties will be required to cope with at least one two-hour task per month, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, starting in late October. Will any volunteers please contact the Parish Clerk initially.