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NEWSLETTER NO. 80 - September 2010

Current Planning Applications

1. 47, New Road, East Hagbourne - P10/W0984. Extend existing kitchen, new first floor bedroom and shower room. New dormer to bedroom and demolish existing garage and store and reconstruct in new location. New detached double garage.
2. Land at Didcot Road, Didcot - P10/1150/RM. Phase 1b(i) of the Great Western Park Development consisting of the erection of 220 residential dwellings, associated infrastructure, a section of the developments spine road, temporary bus turning area, temporary pumping station, surface water attenuation pond and adjacent areas of landscape.
3. 20, Cromwell Road, Didcot - P10/W1231. Single storey extension and internal alterations.

You can view the applications online by going to www.southoxon.gov.uk and keying in the reference number in the “search” option at the top right hand side of the page.


The Website Team continue to look at ways to make the site more user & reader friendly. Similar PC sites are being reviewed with a view to adding new features and calendars which, as well as being more informative, will be easier to update and operate. Contact them with any news, contributions, ideas and updates at info@easthagbourne.net. Remember the website address www.easthagbourne.net.

Parish Council Meetings in 2010

Please put these dates in your diary/organiser:- Next meeting: 2nd September 2010
Following Meetings - 14th October & 18th November.

All Parish Council meetings will commence at 7.30 pm on Thursdays in the Village Hall.

You are all always welcome! Your views are important to us.

CONTACT DETAILS: Parish Clerk, Mr Robin Parsley. Telephone: 814687. ParishClerk@easthagbourne.net

BUTTS PIECE - Latest news

Many allotments have been let and are now under full cultivation. The water trough has had its flow increased after requests from plot holders. Some plots are still available, both large and small, so if you are interested please contact the Parish Clerk. The initial annual rent is set at £25 for a full size plot which includes the water. There will shortly be a meeting of plot-holders to form the committee to administer the allotments. The kick-about area is being well used and now the woodland is receiving attention.

Annual Parish Plan

The more observant of you will have noticed that some mysterious boxes appeared fixed to three lamp-posts towards the end of July. This was the traffic monitoring equipment that Oxon.C.C set up for us to monitor the traffic over a 7 day period. Unfortunately the period chosen was the week after the Schools broke up for the summer so we are trying to get the equipment back to monitor a term time period. The data from the first visit is already being analysed so watch this space.


The Parish Council has received comments and concerns from some residents about the state of some of the footpaths and pavements in the village, especially the effect of vegetation being allowed to encroach onto the paths from adjoining private property. May we please ask you to consider the users of the paths, with their children, prams & buggies or the invalids with their chairs, and to stop your plants encroaching forcing the pedestrians into the roadway.

Various News Items

The position with dog fouling continues to improve slowly, but there are still too many irresponsible dog owners allowing their dogs to foul the Village. Doggy bags can be obtained from the Village Shop, and a small donation would be received with a welcome. Three more Dog Bins have arrived and have been erected in areas of the Village to broaden the area covered so that Owners should have no excuse to prevent the use of this facility.

The large mature Chestnut tree that was growing to the north of the old Pavilion in the Recreation Ground has been felled after being condemned by a Tree Surgeon during July.

A working party of residents local to Haccas Brook in the Blewbury Road area have been taking advantage of the recent good weather and have been pulling up the invasive Himalayan Balsam which has been growing in the brook as it was causing restrictions to the natural flow of the water leading to possible flooding during heavy rain.