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Bus Service

Handy Timetables
The receipt of our SODC free-bus passes have motivated us to start using the local buses, especially to go to Didcot and, since the Express X32 started, to Oxford too. Notice that the trip to Oxford can be as little as 40 minutes which must compare favourably with driving to Redbridge and using the Park and Ride.

A timetable is essential as most stops and services do not provide them - indeed many do not even tell you about which service stops there. A timetable is available download from the following link Heyfordian Travel 94/95, which is taken from the main Heyfordian travel bus services web page.

Not all services use all major Didcot stops at Broadway, Orchard Centre and the Railway Station, and it may not be intuitively obvious which side of the road to wait. Treat all stops as request stops so stick your hand out - drivers are not necessarily aware of what stops they are obliged to make. Mysteries remain - some drivers want to know where you're going, others don't, and some drivers issue tickets - usually a return whether you want one or not - and others don't.

Be aware - and this applies mainly to residents at the eastern end of the village - that the S. Didcot loop service, No 92, from an unmarked stop opposite 89 Green Close is as close as the war Memorial. So on these summaries I've included that stop. It turns into a No 93 so you can continue the ride further up the Broadway.

Don't forget East Hagbourne's very own bus service; the Friday only 131 which starts from Windsor Crescent at 10:26 and allows you about 2 hours in Wallingford. Traveline has all the details.

Max Beran bus-contact@easthagbourne.net

Click here for a handy credit-card sized timetable provided by Max.